Tucked away in the enclaves of the trendy 78704 lies a chic salon with a laid back attitude.

Salons are a dime a dozen in the "04" and with so many options available for haircare, our top priority is to make sure that  every client who walks through our door leaves feeling like they received the ultimate treatment in hair.  We strive to ensure our clients know they are the reason we get up and come to work everyday and we promise to provide the best service possible.     

The Hairstylists at Edelweiss are not just doing a job, it's their passion.  Combined, we have over 80 years of experience. We utilize each others knowledge and strengths to make each client look their best.  Each stylist has something in which they are uniquely talented-  whether it is editorial styling, business conservative, or elegant wedding updos, we have a stylist perfect for you!                     

Although each hairstylist is independent and responsible for their own pricing, our quality of work is impeccable across the board. We assure you we strive to only work with the best.  






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